Copy of About Us

Everything starts with a name!

‘Whats in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?’ | William Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet

“isim“ written in logo is the translation of “name“ in three languages: Arabic, Turkish and Persian.

logo`s design technique is “square Kufic“ and our corporate branding color is red.

ISIM is a brand that believes great memories begin with names. Although all names hold semantic memory which includes things that are common knowledge, they carry on personal memory with distinctive features of its own.

in isim we share perspectives on how we can light up your name-related emotions; basically, love generator.

ISIM’s calligraphy goes where the curves of Persian/Arabic alphabet calls.

Mehdi Naghavi, founder of ISIM, let himself by his instinct, freely and independently, without orders or deadlines. That is how ISIM creates your names.

ISIM roots in “IranDokht” in 2014 When Mehdi Naghavi found people using their faces as avatar and raised up with the question “what about names?”

Since identity can be encoded in a name as well as a personal photo, in short, most of Iranian girls started using their written names as their avatar on social media.

the ISIM’s vision is covering all demands related to names in general.

To handle yourself,
use your name
To handle others,
use your heart