Asma a Muslim girl and an indirect Quranic name means “supreme" and also “names”. It is derived from the S-M-A root (it became exalted, it became high, he/she named something) which is used in the Quran in a lot of places and the root for words like Samaa’ (sky) and Ism (name). With the combination of Alif, Sin, Mim, Alif, and Alif the name Asma represents the number 103. This name has reached among the top 1000 names in England in 2018.

Asma bint Abu Bakr is a great sample of the name Asma in Islamic history. She is companion of the Islamic prophet Mohammed and elder sister of his wife Aisha. Asma's refusal to betray her uncle and father helped them escape to Mecca. Another Famous Asma is Asma al-Assad is the First Lady of Syria. Born and raised in London to Syrian parents, she is married to the 19th and current President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. Assad graduated from King's College London in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in computer science and French literature. In academic fields, two Asma named persons can be mentioned; first, Asma Gull Hasan (born in 1974) is an American writer. Her work includes the book Red, White, and Muslim, a biographical view of growing up as an American Muslim and second, Asma Afsaruddin is a Professor in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University in Bloomington. She was an associate professor in Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

There is a popular Diet book released in 2018 titled Asma's Indian Kitchen” by Asma Khan. This book contains the secret to her success, telling her immigrant’s story and how food brought her home. The recipes pay homage to her royal Mughlai ancestry and follow the route of the Darjeeling Express train from the busy streets of Bengal, through Calcutta, where she grew up, and along the foothills of the Himalayas to Hyderabad.

More items regarding cultural references to the name Asma are available. An 8.2 out of 10 ranked movie with the same name directed by Patricio Hinojosa, Dariela Ludlow in 2011. This is a short Drama movie about a woman who suffers from AIDS decides not to surrender to the fatal disease. She exerts huge efforts in trying to recover or by helping those who suffer the same disease by giving them glimmers of hope. Furthermore, a Hindi Christmas song by Amin Yabes Rudra has also held the name Asma.

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